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30 Hour Famine - 2018

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Michelle Lowry
$160.00 • March 17, 2018
$100.00 • March 12, 2018
I'm so encouraged to see our students growing in God's love!
$200.00 • March 10, 2018
Thank you for participating in 30 hour famine! What you give up, God will use to feed and support others.
$40.00 • March 9, 2018
Carol Sampey
$40.00 • March 8, 2018
Keep up the great work. Glad you are shining Jesus' light to the world.
$30.00 • March 8, 2018
Lily Fife
$80.00 • March 7, 2018
So grateful For the opportunity to support the children through world vision and for the jr highers who are raising the funds and going deeper this weekend! Praying for you all. I am making this donation specifically for the students: mah ra Poe, ya kaw, and nejeb. So inspired by these boys!
$5.00 • March 7, 2018
Janae, Thank you for allowing us to join you in this eternal work for God's kingdom. Miss Michele
Linda Gregg
$80.00 • March 6, 2018
Thank you for your sacrifice in this effort to raise money for children in need! May God bless you!
Gary Redding
$100.00 • March 6, 2018
John & Diana Toillion
$40.00 • March 6, 2018
Aloha Janae

Thank you for including Diana and me on your email. As former youth leaders ourselves we participate in several 30 Hour Famine events. Blessings to you and the rest of your group.
Patty Franklin
$80.00 • March 6, 2018
Thank you to the team for your leadership in this important issue!
Jenae's Fan!
$25.00 • March 5, 2018
Thank you for raising awareness about hunger! I know I sometimes say things like "I'm hangry!" or "I'm starving" - neither of which is true. I'm privileged to live a life where I can always purchase a snack or a meal in a short period of time. Thank you for inviting me to support your awareness campaign and raise money to help others.
I love you Jenae!
$40.00 • March 5, 2018
Thank you for participating in the 30 hour famine. May God guide you as you suffer little for those who suffer much.
$100.00 • February 16, 2018

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