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The Zaccarellas $80.00 • February 12, 2018 It's so wonderful to see all that you do for others, Cassie!
The Holmes Family $40.00 • February 11, 2018
Jeannie Graham February 11, 2018 We are so proud of you Cassie! What a wonderful granddaughter!
Love Nana
Pamela Hatch February 9, 2018 Cassie, Proud of you and the others for supporting this cause!
A TPC FRIEND $40.00 • February 6, 2018 Proud of you and all the TPC youth
Beth Sefcik February 6, 2018 Cassie, thank you for being such a great leader for our youth and our congregation. It is our honor to support you in the famine. Thank you for participating.

John and Beth Sefcik
Anonymous $40.00 • February 5, 2018
Katherine Foley $100.00 • February 4, 2018
Anonymous $75.00 • February 3, 2018
Nikki Dressel $25.00 • January 29, 2018 Cassie,
I am so proud of the wonderful young lady that you've grown up to become! Keep up the amazing work that you're doing!

Mrs. Dressel
Terina Peabody $40.00 • January 27, 2018 The world is a better place with you in it Cassie! Thank you for being a kind hearted young woman. Good luck!
Betsey January 26, 2018 Thank you, Cassie, for all you do in service to others!
Anonymous $40.00 • January 25, 2018
Rosemary Chase $50.00 • January 25, 2018 You go girl!!
Ray and Barbara Williamson $100.00 • January 25, 2018 Cassie,
Ray and I are endlessly in awe of your intentional care for everyone. We see you as a mighty leader now and in your future and we undergird you with prayer regularly. You make us so proud. Your new Elder position is groundbreaking and amazing. Watching you grow and contribute to our world is so very gratifying. Love, Ray and Barb
Mommy and Daddy January 24, 2018 Your passion to help others is inspiring. Good luck reaching your goal!

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