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The Paul Family $25.00 • February 27, 2018
Barbara Saifman $45.00 • February 26, 2018 You are a blessing for helping those less fortunate. We love you.
David Saifman $50.00 • February 25, 2018
Debra Lieberman $15.00 • February 25, 2018 What an amazing thing you are doing to help others! Hope you have an easy fast!
Kristen Phillips $100.00 • February 25, 2018
DAD $160.00 • February 24, 2018 TANKS, Your compassion and dedication to this fundraiser is FIRME! Your Actions will always speak louder than your Words ... because “talk is cheap”.
It takes a strong sense of commitment and persistence to engage in positively changing the world in which we live — a world that becomes more and more out of balance each day.
Be proud, for you are not idly standing on the sidelines merely observing the suffering of others ... you are actually being part of the solution!
Love, Dad.
Jen Gabriel February 20, 2018 We are very proud of you Hannah! ❤️ OXOX
Jen Gabriel February 20, 2018 Good luck fasting! I’m proud of you for doing this and it is a wonderful opportunity to help those in need!🍀

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