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Anonymous $20.00 • February 26, 2018 I’m so proud of you, girl! ~Miss Karen
granny and pop $160.00 • February 21, 2018 pop and i are so very proud of you and we pray for you and know you will feel so close to our lord as you go through this ... we love you very much
Calhoun Family $40.00 • February 21, 2018 All our love to you HJ in your selfless dedication to those in need. Your commitment is a big one and we are here to support you! God bless you!
Rebecca McGruder $40.00 • February 17, 2018 You’re amazing Helen Jo! We love you!
Greg and Kara Griser $40.00 • February 17, 2018
Misty Evans $100.00 • February 17, 2018

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