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Jane Aquino $40.00 • February 21, 2018
zachary king $15.00 • February 21, 2018
Brandy Schaefer $100.00 • February 21, 2018 Rachel,
I am proud of you for sacrificing your own comfort and taking the time to raise money to feed the hungry. Thank you for inviting me to contribute.
Grandpa Aquino $40.00 • February 19, 2018 Rachel, I very proud of your commitment!
Stephanie Davila $20.00 • February 18, 2018
Grand M. $25.00 • February 12, 2018 So proud of you for doing this to help children and families have a better life. You are a shinning star to take the pledge to go without food for 30 hours. Love you so much!
Grandma M.

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