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Hi Friends and Family! This is my third year participating in WorldVision's 30 Hour Famine. Once again I'll be fasting for 30 hours in order to raise money and awareness for world hunger. During those 30 hours, I'll be doing volunteer work to help starving people both around the world and in our community. For the past two years, I've also volunteered at Charlie's Place, a Christian homeless shelter in D.C., during the Famine.

Hunger is still a very serious problem in our world ––– there are 795 million people around the world right now who are not able to lead healthy, normal lives because of malnutrition. That means one in nine people don't have enough to eat. Every ten seconds, a child dies from hunger-related causes. But there's an easy way for you to help WorldVision bring down this number:

Every donation of $40 will help provide food and care to a child in need for an entire month. $425 can feed a child for over a year. If I reach my fundraising goal of $1,200 in sponsorship from you, we will be able to provide a month of quality nutrition for 30 children (or be able to feed 1 child for over 2 years).

Your money goes towards teaching families sustainable farming techniques, improved access to clean water and medical care, and providing food in case of an emergency.

WorldVision is a trusted non-profit with over a million donors in the U.S. You can look them up at I would much appreciate if you would donate to my page ––– every dollar helps!

Thanks so much!



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