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And so begins my last hurrah! I shall once again (for the final time) cease food consumption for 30 hours in the name of fundraising. It shall, once again, be unpleasant. 

But it shall also, once again, be for an amazing cause. While 30 hours without food may seem difficult to us here in the United State, children and adults all over the world go hungry for much longer than a day and a half (give or take). Thousands of children die every day from hunger related causes, and I guess it is up to me to stop this injustice (and maybe a couple other people too…but don’t worry about them)! Now, I understand that giving money is not always at the top of everybody’s “to-do” list. Trust me, as a cash-strapped soon to be college freshman, I completely understand. However, if you have the ability, I would implore you to make any donation you can  World Vision because they are an amazing organization. And besides, these donations are tax deductible, and who doesn’t love tax deductions?! (Gotta keep those grubby government hands off of your money, amiright?)

So as I go into my last 30 Hour Famine, I hope that you will help support me and so many other teenagers like me in doing the right thing, and supporting those that are not as fortunate as we are. 

Thank you,


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