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Remy Navarrete

Famine For One

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Every day 16,000 children are dying from preventable causes like hunger and malnutrition. While many people live lives of lavish and comfort, some struggle to maintain a healthy state. Though I can only make a small contribution, collaborative efforts are always more effective.

I intend to aid malnourished families through compassion and action. I will not just raise my voice or shout out on social media. To gain an understanding and provide a morsel of perspective regarding the lives of children across the globe, I will refrain from eating for 30 hours.

There is no need to follow this act, but your ability to help is not limited by a 30 hour period. By donating $35 to this fund, you can feed and care for a hungry child for a month through World Vision's Famine for One program. Please consider donating today!



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