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Adam Womack

Famine For One

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Every day 16,000 children are dying from preventable causes like hunger and malnutrition. I'm not okay with that—and this year, I've decided to join people like me across the country to do something about it.

I'm not just raising my voice or shouting out on social media. I'm going to STOP. EATING. for 30 hours—trying to stand in the place of one child who doesn't have enough food.

What will it take to make a difference? Just $35 is enough to feed and care for a hungry child for a month through World Vision's Famine for One program. However; any amount will help. Please consider donating today!  

My aim is to not just reach our goal, but to raise the bar. If we're not growing; if we're not moving forward; what are we doing? Please sew with love and above all else, follow your heart. 





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