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Rebekah Campbell

Famine For One

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Hello everyone,

I've been involved with World Vision for 6 years as a child sponsor, and have absolutely loved being a part of this organization. The lasting impact they make on the children and communities they're involved with with nothing short of amazing. Their solution to feeing the hungry isn't just giving them meals until funds run out. They use those funds to give seeds, plants, trees, animals, and most importantly, education to the people so they can sustain their own food sources. This means the individuals and communities continue to benefit from World Vision's work long after World Vision is gone.

Reading the statistic that 16,000 children die every single day from PREVENTABLE causes like hunger made my heart ache horribly for all those children's parents and caretakers that had to watch it happen because they weren't equipped to help their child.

Although I can't help all of those children, I'm hoping to help at least one. It only costs $35 to feed and care for a hungry child for a month through World Vision's Famine for One program, and I want to raise enough funds to help at least one child for at least a year. ($425).

This fundraising will lead up to my participation in a 30 hour fast—trying to stand in the place of one child who doesn't have enough food.

Please consider donating today, and help a child in need.



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