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Famine For One

Join us on December 10, 2014

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Fight Hunger, One Child at a Time.

Think of it as a charity 5k... for your stomach!

Famine for One is for people like you who believe that one person can have an impact. By fasting for just over a day, you can raise both awareness of world hunger and the funds to fight it in an unforgettably personal way.

As you read this, 795 million people – about 1:8 — are hungry. And nearly 16,000 hungry children who are alive right now, won’t be tomorrow because they will die from preventable causes. It’s almost too much to wrap our minds around, isn’t it? The good news: starting right now, you (yes, YOU) can help alleviate hunger for ONE person, for ONE year, by participating in World Vision’s newest hunger-fighting program: Famine For One. 

How? It’s simple, really. You give up food for a day and a half (30 hours) to get a small taste of the hunger that children face day after day. Make a goal to raise $425 to feed and care for a child for just over a year. We’ve even figured out a super-simple way to get those funds, fast, and we’ll hook you up with an online fundraising page to customize and share!

Why now? You may have heard of the 30 Hour Famine – World Vision’s hunger-awareness program for youth. It’s been around for 25 years, and in the USA alone, students have raised more than hundreds of millions of dollars to fight world hunger. So last year, our team begged the question: “Why on earth don’t we have something like this for college students and adults?” Welp, now we do. But the program means nada without your help! We need to partner with passionate people like you to bring much-needed food and care to hungry children.

Choose any date that works for you! Learn about hunger, experience hunger, and help END hunger for one child in need. 






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